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New Website Design firm launched

Hi Folks,

For those of you that follow me on a semi regular basis you know that I enjoy pretty much all things web related. For years I have enjoyed website design but it was more as a side line activity, and – I had a totally unrelated day job.

In the last few years I have really been doing some serious self evaluating. Without getting into a lot of detail I pretty much decided that life is too short to continue doing something that you hate. So I took a huge leap a few weeks back and have jumped in with both feet into running my own business. At this point I think I have about equal parts panic and joy. I am really looking forward to the next few months/years.

I have named my new business Silver 6 Media. Here is my new website http://www.silver6.ca

Silver 6 Media website

Silver 6 Media website


I am still doing some minor tweeks to the site but please have a look and of course any comments are always welcome.



Where do I get my coffee ??

Hi Folks,
Being the coffee addict I am, I have received an email asking where I get my coffee ?

I get my coffee at Personal Service Coffee 155 Lynden Rd, Unit 3, in Brantford ON.
If you get one of their bags and bring it in you get 10% off each of your coffee purchases.


Tweetstock – Brantford

I wasnt able to make the most recent event – but I suspect it was well done again.




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