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New Website

Hi Folks,

I have been working on a new website. I think it will be a better experience for my followers and I will be gradually updating the new website and likely phasing this (aboutwebsitedesign) one out.

Please have a visit to my new site and subscribe to www.ericrowen.ca

What are your thoughts on the new site ? Like it ? Hate it ?

Comments welcome.

Thanks in Advance,




New Iphone 5

Hi Everyone,
Well, after being a Blackberry guy for years I have decided to switch over to the Iphone.


It has been an interesting few weeks. There is a little bit of a learning curve but it has been a somewhat smooth transition.
I found a few things about the iphone that strike me as odd or perhaps a better phrasing is – non intuitive.
Let me preface first that some of my observations are my early ones and maybe I just haven’t found out a way to do some of these things.

– what..no auto on/off function (like a blackberry). That feature could save lots of battery power.
– to forward an email you actually hit the reply button (and another menu appears to forward).
– you can’t just make an mp3 into a ringtone easily.
– bigger screen real estate
– more applicable apps (that I personally would actually use)
– thinner, slicker
At this point I can’t say either one “blows away” the other. Each has its benefits and negatives.

As a newbie to iphone – any tips or tricks you came across? Would love to hear some..


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