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How do I move an MP3 from MUSIC to PODCAST in iTunes ?

I have been listening to some podcasts’ lately and had this issue of downloading a podcast from a website and when I tried to add it to my iTunes account it would only show up in my music section and not in my podcast section.
I did a search and the Google gods have answered it. Just paying it forward to anyone else that may have this issue.

How do I move an MP3 from MUSIC to PODCAST?
It’s in the Get Info/Options tab. Change Media Kind from ‘Music’ to ‘Podcast’ and BAM, it gets shifted.


Need to do a screen capture ?

Do you need to do a quick screen capture and send it to someone ?
I recently came across Jing. It is intuitive to use and (thus far) easy.
I use it on my macbook pro mostly.
It is free – give it a try and let me know what you think.
p.s. It does a lot more than screen captures – but I havent got there yet.
(i.e. video screen captures)


press ctrl+alt+delete with your butt ??


Go Daddy experience

Hi Folks,
Yesterday afternoon I signed up with a godaddy account. Just thought I would share my experiences thus far with you.
Did you know that it takes a few days to register a new domain name ?
domain wait time

I am in the process of using their one click process of installing WordPress.
After a good nights sleep I logged in to my account only to see it says “still installing”.
(really approx 15 hours, and still installing ??)

So I went to create a help desk ticket (did’nt phone-because it isn’t ultra urgent) and wow..
9 hours wait time. (anyone else think that seems way too long ?).

Steve Jobs – Stanford speech

I know this has been around for years, but I still think it is worth watching every now and then.
You might want to fast forward to around 7:20 – that is when Steve starts his speech.


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