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6 Tips for Making It Work as a Part-Time Entrepreneur


You know you want to start a business, but you can’t shake those financial pressures — rent or a mortgage, a car payment and maybe you have kids. Even young people have responsibilities after all. But tack on the fact your business idea will surely take time to catch on, and starting up can seem even further out of reach.

You are a perfect candidate to become a part-time entrepreneur.

iessentials usb mug warmer

Hello All,

The other day I picked up this usb coffee warmer for $4.99.

I figured “hey its only 5 bucks, why not ?”.

My review…

Well the plate does get warm and if you pressed down on the plate you would might burn your finger- if you held it there. I would say that it only keeps your coffee to about lukewarm temp.

Now having said that I have only used it with ceramic type mugs – so it may be different with another type of mug.

Bottom line – yes (somewhat) worth the 5 bucks but I wouldnt shell out a dime more for this particular one.

“Drink well, my friends”.


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