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How far did your tweet travel ??

How far did your tweet travel?

You share something on Twitter. People spread the word. TweetReach tells you who’s talking about it, how many people saw it, and who those people are.




Free report on Social Marketing

Here is a Free report on Social Marketing. It covers lots of aspects of Social Marketing.

For those (like me) who want to cut through all the hype of the terms “Social Media” and

get to the “meat” of what it ACTUALLY means/does for a business, this is a good read.

It even outlines some future-casting.

p.s. I have no affiliation with these guys. Just a friendly pass along.

Also Pre-warning…you will have to enter an email address to get access to the report.


Peter Griffin uses Twitter

Ironman vs Woody

Bored ? try typing this into google..

zerg rush

Little o’s in google come out and eat the letters on the page – harmless fun.



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